Why join aAPI?

Educational activities:
The Annual Convention is held usually in the Fall and open to all members of the state. It is a two day event which happens on a Friday and Saturday. There are lectures on latest clinical trials sponsored by Pharmaceuticals companies on Friday. There are CME (Continuous medical education) lectures at the hospital meeting rooms on Saturday mornings. The Annual Dinner is usually held on Saturday evenings. The membership dues are collected annually at this meeting.

There is a Christmas dinner during the second or third week of December. There is a Spring meeting held around February or March. This is a one day event which includes medical lectures and dinner.

aAPI members meet every month for a medical presentation by a renowned speaker sponsored by the pharmaceutical company for updates on management of medical illness. These speakers are University professors or sometimes our renowned members who are specialists in the field.

Charitable Activities:
aAPI members participate in fund raising activities for cancer and terminal illness as and when they are held in the region.

aAPI conducts a free health screening seminar open to all residents of Huntsville annually through a social organization known as “Asha Kiran”. During this event a free blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure is checked. In addition screening is provided for Asthma, Depression and Prostate cancer. Lectures are given by members regarding preventive health and screening recommendations by HHS Task force.

aAPI conducts fund raising dinners for natural disaster like Tornados and Hurricanes in the state. For instance aAPI members donated $17,000 for tornado relief to Red Cross during 2011. In addition $5,000 was donated to the Governor’s Fund through the national charitable foundation of American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin.
aAPI contributed $1,500 towards Japanese Tsunami victims and Alabama tornado victims through Madison Medical Society.

Research Activities:
aAPI does not receive grants are distribute grants for research in the community. However there are many renowned physicians who are participating in research activities at local centers.

Social activities:
aAPI conducts Annual Banquet dinner for all its members in the state during Fall each year. aAPI hosts Christmas dinner annually. aAPI conducts a Valentine Dinner and Dance event for its members. aAPI physicians participate in the annual activities of “Asha Kiran”.

Political Activities:
aAPI does not support or participate in any fund raising activities for any politician or political parties.